Ipsy Subscription: The First Three Months

This past September I finally gave in and signed up for an Ipsy subscription. After seeing friends and bloggers talking about how awesome the service is and after realizing how great the 10$/month price is, I just had to try it out for myself. Ever since I got my first bag in October, I have been wanting to write about the Glam bag, but I decided to wait until I had received a few so readers could get a better idea of what they would be getting with Ipsy. First, I want to say that the value of the glam bags is great. You get at least one full size product a month, which alone is usually over $10, along with four other products, usually sample-sized. The value of the bag is always over $10. The quality of products that I have gotten so far has been good too. I haven’t received an item yet that I don’t like. The Ipsy subscription service is great for those of us on a budget or anyone who loves to try out new products. And what I really love about Ipsy is that the beauty quiz they have you take when you sign up really reflects in the products you get each month. I also just received my fourth Glam bag on Saturday and I’m loving the products in it as well. Somehow, they’ve managed to send me items that I’m either really into at the moment, like eyebrow products currently, or something that I need. I’m totally sold on this subscription service!

So now onto the products.

Month 1, October

dosePolishmattehughes nourishorganic plumeyeliner scrubmeblambagoctober

  1. Dose Polish: Even though the bottle design isn’t the best for painting your nails, the color, “Stormy,” is gorgeous and was a great purple for the fall.
  2. theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Hughes: I love this color of lipstick, so I have a couple other items that are similar in hue. This sample size was very small, but it still is a great matte lipstick.
  3. Nourish Organics Argan Face Serum: I LOVE this face oil! Even though I’ve had it for about 3 months now, this small tube is still going strong. When this runs out, I will definitely be buying the full size.
  4. Skone Cosmetics Pretty Eyes Eyeliner: Purple eyeliner?? Yes please! The color of this is vibrant and perfect for my green eyes.
  5. ScrubMe Nice and Gritty Body Scrub: This scrub has an interesting scent of peppermint and coffee, but I’ve grown to like it. The formula isn’t like most scrubs. It doesn’t have any oil holding the gritty-ness together, but I do really love this scrub.

Month 2, November

coolway spray CrownBrush FullExposure ModelCoINSPRglambagNovember

  1. Coolway Hair Spray: This hair spray worked best for me after I showered and towel dried my hair. It helped my curls hold all day and it smelled amazing.
  2. Crown Brush Blending Brush: This brush was a godsend. It was exactly what I needed.
  3. Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara: I’ve enjoyed using this mascara. It’s very volumizing.
  4. ModelCo Cosmetics Highlighting Trio: I love this highlighting trio! I’ve used it a lot since receiving it. I use the white as a highlight and the pink for a cream blush.
  5. INSPR Eyeshadow: This is a good natural color for everyday wear.

Month 3, December

JulieG Polish LatherMask PacificaLipstick SkinnCosmeticsLipScrub TarteSmoothOperatorglambagDecember

  1. Julie Nail Polish: I absolutely love this red color. I got it just on time for Christmas too!
  2. Lather Honey Moisture Mask: This face mask has a bit of a weird smell and I think it irritates my skin a bit, but it is moisturizing.
  3. Pacifica Power of Love Lipstick: Weird smell, but a great lipstick. I really love the shade I got, “Nudie Red.” It’s a good color for when you want a more casual red lip look.
  4. Skinn Cosmetics Sugar Lip Scrub: I was actually very excited about getting this lip scrub. I’ve been searching around for one and so I was very happy when I received this. I’ve used it a couple times already and I love how smooth it makes my lips.
  5. Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Powder: This is hands down the best powder I’ve ever used. It is true to its name and worth every penny. I will definitely be buying a full size of this once I’ve used up my sample.

If you’re looking into getting an Ipsy subscription, or are weighing different subscription services, I hope this review helped. Personally, I believe that the Ipsy Glam Bag has a great value and provides its customers with good quality products. Plus, what’s not to love about 5 new makeup products to try each month? It’s like a little present to yourself for working so hard.

If you have any other questions about the service or any comments, just let me know in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “Ipsy Subscription: The First Three Months

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the subscription. After four months of it I found I received more products I didn’t like than I did. I stopped my subscription and moved to Glossybox which is a bit more in price but gives me products I actually use and like.

    S .xx


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