10 Links To Help You Take The Semester Head On

In need of some new organizational skills? Struggling with knowing how to best study? Wanting some fresh motivation to take with you to class? Well, I have some great links here to help you with all of that and more. I know how hard it is to stay organized and on top of everything when the semester gets in full swing, but I’ve been able to greatly reduce my stress and improve my performance in class by doing some of the very things that these links talk about. So whether you’re trying to dramatically change your study habits so your grades go from Ds to As or you’re just wanting to refine some of your organizational skills, these great links can help you do that this semester and beyond.

  1. How to Read a Textbook (Because we all know reading textbooks can be pretty boring)
  2. 10 College Studying Don’ts (How-to’s are great, but sometimes we don’t realize the mistakes we make)
  3. The Ultimate Guide to College Organization (This girl has got some pretty great tips that cover a lot of ground)
  4. 12 Habits of Highly Productive People (Maybe you just want to be more productive in general. These tips will definitely help)
  5. 10+ Must Have Apps for College Students (Apps can make your life so, so much easier)
  6. 9 Things to Bring on Your Next Library Study Binge (For finals, or midterms, or what have you)
  7. The Best Study Tips for College (We covered the don’ts, so here are some do’s)
  8. How to Get Your Best Grades in College (Here’s an article for those needing to improve their grades)
  9. How To Develop a Routine and Stop Wasting a Time (Developing a routine is a fantastic way to up your productivity and organization)
  10. How to Make Your College Paper Stand Out (In a Good Way) (These are fabulous tips on writing papers that have worked for me as well)

4 thoughts on “10 Links To Help You Take The Semester Head On

  1. Thanks for including my post in this list! All of these posts offer extremely useful information, so I’m sure any college student would find this helpful! I pinned it to my Getting Good Grades board 🙂


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