Easy Tips for Back to School (or whenever you’re in a hurry!)

Hey guys! Today is not my usual day for posting, I know, but today is special because my dear friend Abby Faith uploaded her new video to her channel and that video has ME in it. Crazy right?? So I wanted to take this time to introduce Abby to you guys before you head off to watch the video.

Here’s what she looks like (such a cutie, right?)


“I’m Abby Faith. I run a YouTube channel that focuses on making people smile, teaching someone something, and  encouraging people at the same time.”

Abby is a makeup addict like myself and she’s pretty talented at it! Not only is she good at everyday makeup, but she can also do costume makeup as well. I often find myself asking her for advice and opinions on makeup. We also share a love of Doctor Who and we both have red hair. She’s just all around awesome!

So in our video you’ll find some cool tips for easy outfits, simple makeup routines, and organization tips, along with some possibly funny moments (it was my first time filming a video, so the bloopers were plentiful). These tips are great for students, but honestly anyone who needs ideas for easy routines and tips could find them helpful. I hope you guys enjoy!!

For a description of the products I used in my makeup tutorial, go here. For details on the some of the clothing items I wore, go here.

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