Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone Part 2

Awhile back, I let the blogosphere in on a little secret of mine: There are fashion and beauty trends that I’m scared of trying. Shocker, I know! In an attempt to show others that it’s ok to step out of their comfort and challenge them and myself to do so, I listed few things I hadn’t tried out yet (you can find the post here). However, it’s been a couple months and I’ve had opportunities to widen the comfort zone, so it’s time for an update. The trends/items I listed were red lips, high heels, floral print, rompers, and printed shorts. I can say that I have successfully worn four out of the five items! Pretty good, right? So let’s see which items those are…

  1. Red Lips: Yes, I have been won over completely by the red lip! While it is still new to me and I may get a little self-conscious while wearing it, I still love the color and the sense of “put togetherness” and sophistication it brings. A red lip can really take a casual outfit to a chic outfit.
Here’s me wearing the e.l.f. matte lip color in “Wine,” curtesy of Instagram.

2. Romper: Why did I not wear these before?? They’re so simple to wear. I can throw it on in the morning with minimal effort, but still look cute and put-together. This romper was particularly helpful during this last heatwave of the summer we had here in southern Indiana. The material is thin and breezy, perfect for near 100 degree heat. It’s also a floral print. I honestly think this is the first floral item of clothing I have ever even tried to wear. I stayed far away from them because I just got a musty old couch vibe from a lot of them. This one, however, is feminine and soft, but simple enough that there’s definitely no “musty couch vibe” going on.

me in floral romper

3. Printed Shorts: These have been one of my favorite things to wear this summer. The loose fit has also helped during that heat wave I talked about. I’ve also gotten quite a few compliments on them, which makes me feel a bit more confident in them. They really aren’t hard to wear either. A plain black tank top or t-shirt is all you need!

me in printed shorts

So what haven’t I worn yet? My seemingly arch-enemy, the high heel. I haven’t gotten any of these yet because first I have to find a pair that I like and then one whose heel isn’t too tall. I’m a bit picky. I’ll get to it eventually!

Now, what did I learn from this experience? Trying new things that you like is actually fun and easier than I thought. Items that I assumed would look bad on me or would be hard to wear with other items were actually not hard to wear at all. I suppose I should let this be a lesson for future shopping endeavors: if at first it seems scary, try it on anyway!

And thanks to Abby Faith for taking these photos! Abby and I filmed a youtube collab recently, which will be up THIS THURSDAY on the blog and her channel. So, in the meantime, go check out her channel and give her some love!

e.l.f matte lip color: here | Romper (on sale), Tilly’s: here | Shorts (on sale), Tilly’s: here

16 thoughts on “Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone Part 2

  1. This is a great post! It can be hard to try things out of our comfort zone. I was the same with red lips – I’m now an addict and have three different shades of red lipsticks! I think it really suits you and it goes well with your hair. The shorts are great too!
    Well done for trying new things and for encouraging others to do the same!
    Emma Xx


    • Thank you! I thought it would be hard at first, but it’s actually much easier than you think. Once you do it, you realize people aren’t staring at you and thinking weird things, lol. I think I’m becoming an addict as well, I have a 2 lip sticks, a lip stain, and lipgloss all in red!


  2. I love rocking a red lip! It’s also great if you don’t have too much time to do your makeup! I’m not a big fan of rompers; the whole going to the bathroom thing is my issue… (and I’ve got the tiniest bladder on the planet…probably)

    I’ve found some decent and comfy heels at payless! I recommend going there, if you have one nearby. They’ve got some comfy ones available (with more padding for your feet!)

    Great post, and awesome for taking chances haha 🙂


    • Thank you! 🙂 Going to the bathroom in romper a can be a hassle! I wear a tank top underneath to avoid feeling like I’m completely stripping down. Lol. We do have a Payless nearby. I love getting shoes from there! I’ll have to look more closely at their heels next time I go in.


  3. I used to be afraid to wear heels too, mostly because I live in a small town where no one dresses up and I was afraid people would make fun of me. I started out just wearing them to church and then eventually started wearing my favorite heeled boots to class. Now I wear them without a second thought!
    Thanks for sharing this post, it was very inspiring(:


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