Julep Maven Box Review

I’m here today to talk to you guys about a subscription service for nail and beauty products called the Julep Maven box. This particular subscription service focuses on nail polish, but also includes many other beauty products. I found this subscription service through Facebook. There was an amazing offer for a free welcome box, and when there’s nail polish involved, I have a hard time resisting! I decided to sign up and receive my first box free, not knowing if I would continue the service afterwards. The box shipped fairly quickly and I received it within the time frame they said I would. I was really excited to open my box! The only disappointing thing was that the shipping people did not take care of the box and it looked like it had been slightly crushed. Nevertheless, the products inside the box were in perfect condition and the packaging was so cute. So let’s take a peek!

julep box edited

Simple, clean packaging, cute confetti material, and fun colors! I immediately opened up the contents to get a peek at what they were like. I also received a couple coupons and a little booklet about the service. This box came with two lip glosses and two nail polishes.

julep products editedThe lip glosses I received were such pretty shades. I have “Poppy” and “Blushing Rose.” The consistency of the gloss is very thin and smooth. Because of the thinness of the formula, the color is not very pronounced. I found this a little disappointing because the color in the tubes is very bright, but these glosses will be perfect for when I want a sheer color, perhaps when running errands or going to class. The applicator threw me for a loop when I first unscrewed the cap because I had never seen one like it before. It’s supposed to be cooling and it is, simply because metal is always cool to the touch. I also find that the metal tip makes for a smoother application.

lipgloss edited

lipgloss 2 editedI loved the shades of the polishes as well! Here I have “Jahnavi” and “Vicki.” The consistency of the polishes is thick, so if you don’t like thick formulas, you may not like this polish. However, it goes on very smooth and the brush is wide so it doesn’t take a lot of strokes to cover the nail. The color is opaque, even the shimmery one! One of my favorite features is the swatch sticker on top of the cap. You just pop the square part off, like you do with Butter London polishes, and then use the brush to paint a swatch on the cap. As you can see, I haven’t swatched mine yet.

polishes edited swatch caps editedHere it is on my nails!


Overall, I’m really happy with my Maven box. I felt like everything was of good quality and I love how they package everything. It looks lovely when you first open it up. I’ve had this manicure on for 5 days now and only have minor chipping on the tips (that’s with doing dishes, cleaning, going boating…), so the polish definitely lasts. I haven’t worn the lip glosses out yet to see how long they last, but they are smooth and feel good on my lips, so I’m going to keep them. However, despite all the good things about this service, I can’t see myself continuing it because of the price. It’s $25 a month, which isn’t very expensive, but I just don’t have that in my budget. When I do, though, I will be returning to this subscription!

What do you guys think of this service? Have you purchased products from Julep before that you loved? Let me know in the comments below!

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