My “Ten Minutes Tops” Makeup Routine for Going to Class

Sadly, summer is coming to a close. Not only do we have just over a month left of the season on our calendars, but for all of us who are going back to school, the end is even closer. I only have until the 26th of August myself (Five days!!). With this in mind, I’ve set out to develop a quick routine for my early mornings or when I “accidentally” hit snooze too many times. When I’m going to class, I like to look presentable. I feel like I come across as more prepared and/or professional when it appears as if I’ve put a little thought into how I look (Honestly, though, I rarely feel professional or prepared. Fake it ’till you make it, right?). However, sometimes I get carried away in the mornings and try to do too much, which only makes me even more late. I’m chronically late, if I’m being honest with myself. So this makeup routine is going to solve all those problems. Ok, some of those problems. It’s quick, looks put together, and will still allow me to have enough time in the mornings to grab that cup of coffee before flying out the door. And the best part? It will only take ten minutes. Tops.Read More »


July Clean Out and No Buy July Update

Why am I still posting about July while we’re in the middle of August, you ask? Because I haven’t quite gotten my blogging rhythm down yet. As a new blogger, there have been many challenges already and there is so much more ahead for me to learn. And sometimes in the midst of all the information being thrown my way about blogging, I forget to actually blog. However, in order to provide myself with some sanity and prevent too much stress, I have decided to focus on three areas right now: a consistent posting schedule, my Pinterest activity, and a mailing list. As with almost anything in life, consistency will be key for these areas. (By the way, if you would like to be added to my mailing list and give me some feedback on my first newsletter, shoot me an email at I greatly appreciate any and all feedback!)Read More »

One Big Wish List

Life has been getting busier lately, with weddings, summer events, and preparing for classes to start. I recently even began a big clean out of my room and closet (sometimes I just get an organization itch and I have to scratch it!) and now I have one, whole dresser drawer that is empty. Amazing! Now I’m thinking “Why not fill it with new stuff??” Oh yeah… I’m a bit broke right now. So, all I can do is create a wish list until I have the funds to purchase the items I’m currently loving. I’m not complaining about my temporary lack of money, though, because the reason is that I finally bought my own car last week!! Yay! It’s great not having to drive other people’s vehicles anymore. Anyway, because I’m still writing my post on my mission to use up old products last month, today I’m going to show you guys some great items that are sitting in my online shopping carts just waiting to be bought.Read More »

Julep Maven Box Review

I’m here today to talk to you guys about a subscription service for nail and beauty products called the Julep Maven box. This particular subscription service focuses on nail polish, but also includes many other beauty products. I found this subscription service through Facebook. There was an amazing offer for a free welcome box, and when there’s nail polish involved, I have a hard time resisting! I decided to sign up and receive my first box free, not knowing if I would continue the service afterwards. The box shipped fairly quickly and I received it within the time frame they said I would. I was really excited to open my box! The only disappointing thing was that the shipping people did not take care of the box and it looked like it had been slightly crushed. Nevertheless, the products inside the box were in perfect condition and the packaging was so cute. So let’s take a peek!Read More »