Birthday Haul

Last Monday, the 20th, was my birthday and I turned 22 (cue the Taylor Swift music). It wasn’t a milestone birthday or anything, but I feel like the jump from 21 to 22 is bigger than the one from 20 to 21. During the weekend before my birthday, I got to enjoy some time with my best friend while shopping and even having a sleep over like we used to as teenagers. However, the fact that we’re young adults with jobs and busy lives became apparent when we got sleepy at 11. My boyfriend took me out as well and we spent most of the time looking at cars because I’m finally ready to buy one for myself. Yay for adult things! The evening of my birthday I ate at a yummy local taqueria and went shopping at Ulta and Target, so I have some great makeup items to show you guys, as well as some clothes that will be featured in later posts. My birthday shopping was definitely a success. I used my “new” Nikon camera for these photos, so I apologize if they’re not the best quality. I’m still playing around with the settings.bareminerals editedThis wonderful Work, Weekend, Wow Marvelous Moxie Lip Trio set is from BareMinerals. There’s a lipstick, lipgloss, lip liner, and bag all for $32! I got the nude set, but there is also a pink and mauve set as well. The lipstick is “Take Charge,” the lip gloss is “Trail Blazer,” and the liner is “Liberated.” I absolutely adore these shades. I’m still playing around with the lip liner since I’ve never used one before, but once I get the skill down, it will look lovely.

blushandnails edited

finally got my hands on a Clinique cheek pop blush. This particular one is “Melon Pop.” After reading many positive reviews on this blush, I was anxious to get one and my amazing best friend purchased this for me. The other item in this photo is a pack of Jamberry nail wraps that my grandma gave to me. The floral print is soft and pretty and I can’t wait to use them! Jamberry nails wraps are great and easy to use. I’ve used them a few times to add an accent nail or do a quick mani. If you want to know more about them, go here.
love and toast edited

This next set of items was a lucky find in the clearance racks of Ulta. I don’t know about the Ulta stores near you, but the clearance section in mine is a mess. I spotted a few items from the brand Love and Toast, however, and fell in love with the adorable packaging. I have a hand cream and body mist in “Honey Coconut” and a perfume roller in “Persimmon Plum.” In case you can’t see in the photo, the roller bottle has little hearts and pieces of toast on it. How cute!! This brand is free from harmful chemicals, cruelty free, and the part of the profit goes to Girls, Inc.mascara edited

These two mascaras are samples, one I got for my birthday from Ulta and the other one my mom gave to me from her purchases at Ulta as well. I have Urban Decay’s “Perversion” mascara and itCosmetics “Hello Lashes Extensions.” I really like both of these mascaras, but my favorite would have to be the itCosmetics mascara. It’s super lengthening and defining.nailpolish editedMy last group here are the nail polishes I picked up. Five dollars for OPI nail polish, people!! I love clearance finds. The colors I have here are “Viking in a Vinter Vonderland” and “My Silk Tie.” These are colors from the last season, but are still of good quality. The whim. polish is titled “Twerk Your Tailfeather.” I crack up at nail polish color names. So far I’ve used the OPI purple color and it’s a lovely deep purple. It will be perfect for the upcoming fall months (ugh, are we really talking about fall already?).

What do you guys think of these products? Have you used any of them yourself?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Birthday Haul

  1. That deep purple OPI color is gorgeous! I always waffle between OPI and Essie and right now I’m in an Essie swing, but the news of $5 OPI might be enough to make me go the other way! Happy Birthday as well!!


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