Do I really need to do my makeup like that?

My approach to makeup is simple. It’s fun, creative, and a great way to try new things. I use it as a hobby and a creative outlet. Sometimes it even works as a confidence booster when I’ve been too scared to wear that one bold lip color, but decide to swipe it on anyway and not care what anyone says or thinks. Trying out new makeup and treating myself to new products is something that’s always enjoyable. And that’s what I always want to do with makeup: enjoy it. The moment when my routine becomes too laborious or difficult is the moment I’ve lost the “fun” aspect of makeup. And the moment I become dependent on makeup to feel beautiful and confident all the time is the moment I’ve lost an important aspect of self-esteem. There are so many makeup products and trends out there that navigating the whole field can be intimidating and make you feel inadequate for not doing certain things. Sometimes you may think, “Do I really need that product? Do I really need to do my makeup like that?” The answer is no. No one needs to follow any makeup trend. The goal is to find what works best for you and your life. Personally, most of the year I’m attending college classes. On those days through the fall, winter, and spring, I need simple, easy routines. And even when I have an event to go to or a night out, I still don’t spend an hour doing my makeup. Usually my routine takes 20 minutes, 30 at the most, 10 minutes when I’m in a hurry. Maybe you can relate to the need for uncomplicated everyday makeup routines or the desire to not put all of your confidence in makeup. If you can, you’ve probably felt pressured at one time or another to follow a makeup trend because it seemed like everyone was doing it. I’ve been thinking about three of those recently. Now, I’m not completely disregarding these trends or the people who do them regularly. Kudos to those who are talented enough to do these well! I’m actually a bit jealous of some of the talent I see. My perspective is simply offered to those who want a simpler, less-involved approach to makeup–the “everyday” makeup girl.

1. Contouring/Strobing

Who hasn’t heard of contouring and its latest companion, strobing? It seems like everyone is giving tutorials, talking about kits, and trying to imitate the Kardashians. (In case you have somehow escaped knowing about this trend, here are some pics.) However, while the end results of contouring may leave you feeling glamorous, it’s really not a practical routine to perform everyday. I can’t imagine having to keep up with that routine daily to change the look of features on my face. Also, all that makeup can definitely leave your face feeling cakey if you’re not careful. Contouring was originally meant to help pictures turn out better since the extreme light of the flash on cameras can leave the face looking flat. So, leave this technique for big events or when you’re going to have photos taken. It’s unnecessary for everyday wear. One thing that bothers me about this trend, though, is the focus it brings to “slimming” the face or trying to hide certain features, as if a not-slim face is unattractive or not ideal. Contouring and strobing aren’t necessary for making your face look good or for making you feel beautiful. Don’t buy into the idea that your face shape needs to look a certain way in order to look “good.” If you enjoy this trend, have at it! But if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the concept of contouring or strobing, just skip it. Your bank account will thank you as well because you won’t be buying all the extra products and brushes for the process.

2. Eyebrows

Drawing and filling in eyebrows has been a popular trend for quite some time now. I’m not sure when it became so important, but it’s literally everywhere–the good and the bad. And while I really have nothing against doing your eyebrows (especially trimming, sometimes they do need a good plucking), again, it’s just not feasible for an everyday routine. When you’re running errands, going to class, or even just grabbing a meal with a friend or two, a full face of makeup just isn’t necessary. It’s probably best to leave full-on eyebrow makeup for special events and maybe swipe on some light brow mascara if you need to for an everyday look. It’s also way too easy to end up with scary looking brows. However, don’t feel pressured to do anything with your eyebrows! Trends have a way of making all of us feel like we have to join in on them, but that’s never the case. Your makeup will still look great without doing your eyebrows and you’ll save money as well when you’re not buying eyebrow kits. Here are some pictures of eyebrows that are “on fleek” and some that are not so much on fleek, in case you were curious.

3. Drawing on freckles

Can you believe that this is really a thing? I can’t! What happens when someone compliments you on your “freckles,” and then they see you another day without any because maybe you ran out of time to do this time-consuming task? Awkward. That would be too much to keep up with. If you don’t have freckles, but think they’re cute, my advice to you would be to just learn to love what you do have. You’ll be much happier accepting yourself instead of feeling like you need a certain feature to look nice. And since when is a natural part of having skin “in”? I actually read a tutorial on how to do freckles and it said that they’re back in. Freckles can be “out”? Say what?? Last time I checked they weren’t a part of fashion. I suppose that certain hair or eyes colors are fair game as well then. How silly! It would probably be best to just skip this trend altogether and work with what you have. I’d say the only exception would be cosplay, but that’s a whole other field of makeup!

I love using and experimenting with makeup and there are some really great products out there and some great inspiration. There are so many ways to use makeup and every season, companies market new ones and can make you feel like you absolutely “have” to participate. Just remember not to get caught up in all the trends if you don’t necessarily care for them. Go your own way and feel beautiful with whatever you’re comfortable doing!

9 thoughts on “Do I really need to do my makeup like that?

  1. I’ve never been able to understand the whole obsession with contouring. I mean, I can kind of understand if you’re taking photos, but doing it everyday just seems silly and time consuming. Not to mention it can look so bad when it’s not done right and it just looks like a brown/orange streak on the cheeks. Drawing on freckles? Wow I’ve never heard of that one. Thats crazy if people do that daily and not just for a costume or something.


    • I feel the same way! I would hate to look like I have streaks all over my face. And I really just don’t have the time. When you’re out and about, I doubt that many people are paying attention to the contour of your face anyway.


  2. Great post ! I am neither talented nor do I have the time and money to spend. But I do feel very self conscious at times (specially when I meet other bloggers on events) because most of them are so made up.


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