July Clean Out

Every once in awhile I get an itch to clean out and purge my room of unwanted items. My challenge for this month, No Buy July, prompted my newest itch last week! Since I can’t buy any new products, this month is the perfect opportunity to focus on what I do have and clean out things that are too old or that I never use. So, with that in mind, I went through all my makeup, hair care, skin care, and fragrance items to find products that were getting next to no use, if any at all. I found quite a bit of stuff that I haven’t touched in months. Some of it I regret not using, some of it I was eager to throw out. I divided all my items into two groups: items I will use up or throw out by the end of this month and items that are getting thrown out now. I’m a little hesitant to say that I will be able to use up all these items before the end of the month, but I want to at least get some good use out of them before I clean them out permanently. My first set of items are products I want to (try to) use up by the end of July.

Makeup editedMakeup:

I have quite a few eye shadow palettes that have been sitting around for….well, let’s not say exactly how long. I used to use a lot of purple on my eyes because of their green color, but I’ve branched out since then and these particular palettes have gone by the wayside. There’s two Flirt! Palettes, two L.A. Colors palettes, and one e.l.f. duo eyeshadow. The eyeliner pencil is also from L.A. Colors. I found it cheap, but have since found way better eyeliners, like this one from NYX I bought last month. However, it’s not a bad eyeliner so I need to just use it up. There are two EOS chapsticks as well. The orange one is Tangerine, but I can’t remember what the other one is. They’re almost gone and need to be finished. The chapstick is from Burt’s Bees. I’ve carried it around with me so much in my purse and pockets that the label has completely rubbed off. This particular chapstick is Mango and I really love it. I’ve recently bought other lip balms, so I want to use this one up and make some more space for my new additions. The last makeup item here is the e.l.f concealer and highlighter duo. I never use the highlighter end and I’ve found other concealers that I like better, but since it’s not a bad product, I don’t want to trash it just yet.

lotions edited

Skin Care:

I’m a lotion hoarder. If Bath and Body Work could stop coming out with so many wonderful scents, it would really help my problem! I’m not so sure I’ll be able to use up both the Country Apple and Sweet Pea lotions, but I’m going to try. The Earth Therapeutics Mango Body Butter is something I’m confident I’ll use up. It’s been one of my favorite lotions. I’m unsure about whether I’ll actually throw the Gold Bond lotion out, though. I don’t use it very often, but it’s great for severe dry skin in the winter. I may end up keeping this one item.
hair products edited

Hair Care:

I talked about this curl cream a couple weeks ago and while it’s a good product, I love using my OGX argan oil spray much better. I’m going to use some more this month though, then it’ll be time for it to go. It’s the same for both these bottles of Kenra shine serum. I just haven’t used them enough to warrant keeping them past the end of July. I might give these to someone else since it’s such a nice product. I’m not sure how I ended up with two bottles though.throw out items edited

Items Being Thrown Out:

Sadly, these items have just simply bitten the dust. I’m really disappointed about throwing out the Sephora Cream Blush. This is one of favorite blushes and I will definitely be picking up “Golden Spice” again. This one just got too old and I also had to throw out three Sephora eyeshadows as well. But I threw them away before I thought about taking pictures for this post. Oh well. And did I tell you I have too much lotion? This is what I’m talking about: I have to throw out three more bottles in addition to the four I’m saving for a little longer. I really wish Bath and Body Works would produce the summer vanillas again. I absolutely loved this scent! After July, it looks like I will have an opening for a fresh bottle of Sweet Pea lotion, though. The two perfumes here are “Cucumber Melon” and “Sea Island Cotton.” When I smelled them to see if I needed to throw them away, they just didn’t smell the same. Same with the lotions. I took that as a sure sign that they all needed to be thrown out. There’s also a bottle of Finesse hairspray. I much prefer aerosol hairspray over the kind in a plastic bottle, so this bottle hasn’t been touched in forever. The eyeshadow palette is a Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio. I had one other one that was a gray smoky eye trio that I threw away before pictures as well (I was very eager to clean things out). They just got too old and they haven’t been used in months. I used to use the smoky eye one all the time though.

At the beginning of August, I’ll have another post on my progress with all these items. I wish I would’ve had this idea earlier, but at the end of it, I’ll have had a solid three weeks to use all of these products. Are you bad at throwing out old items as well? When was the last time you did a clean out of your beauty stash? Comment below!

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