Stepping Out of my Fashion & Beauty Comfort Zone

When it comes to fashion and beauty, I’m usually pretty conservative. I don’t do flashy prints or bright colors. I usually stick to v-necks and jeans. My makeup is usually natural looking or sometimes a smoky eye. However, lately I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone in the world of fashion and beauty and trying new things. I’m tired of skipping past cute clothing in the stores because I’m worried about what others will think. I’m tired of looking at gorgeous lip colors and eyeliners and thinking that I could never pull them off. So, I’m giving myself a push for more self confidence by trying out some new things. In this post, I’m going to share with you all some clothing and makeup items that are a bit out of my comfort zone, but I have on my radar to try anyway. What’s the point of fashion and makeup if you’re not wearing what you love, anyway?

1. Red Lips

Being a redhead, I’ve lived by the lie that we can’t wear red–even on our lips. Thank goodness I’ve debunked that myth! Just look at these redheads totally rocking the red lipstick! I’ve worn red lipstick a couple times lately, but it’s still a daring act for me. Red is noticeable and bright–you can’t miss it. So, for me that means I’m self-conscious about people staring at me or I’m constantly making sure I have it on right. But the fact that I love the way it looks on me outweighs the worries, so I’m going to wear it anyway!

2. Heels

I’m short. About 5’2″. Lots of short girls love to wear heels because of the extra height it gives them. However, I can’t walk in heels to save my life! I’d love to have a pair of cute wedges or nude heels because of their versatility, but I can’t imagine myself actually being able to wear and walk in them. But despite all of that, I’m still going to try because heels are super cute and confidence boosting!

3. Rompers

This one is a double whammy with the floral print. I don’t own a single floral printed item, but it’s on my radar.

Rompers are all over the place right now. I love how they can be super casual or dressy and formal, but they’re not​
your average piece of clothing. If I wear one, I’m worried people will think it looks silly or kiddish. However, after seeing so many people pulling off these things so well, I’m about to say, “Who cares??” If you like it, wear it! 

4.  Printed pants/shorts

Both of these bottoms happen to be floral, but that’s not the only pattern out of my comfort zone. I don’t mind patterns on scarves, shoes, or even shirts, but there’s something about having them on pants that makes the pattern stand out even more. I’m worried about the pattern being too much. Recently, I bought a pair of patterned soft pants which I really love. Some people love them too, but others think they don’t look good. Instead of being bothered by it, though, I wear them anyway because I like them! Perhaps some patterned shorts for summer will be next!

The truth is, we all have things we’re insecure about, but I’m challenging those insecurities because I’m tired of living with them. I hope that this can inspire some of you to step out of your fashion/beauty box and begin to wear or use those items that seem not right for you or too much. I’m sure there will be more times when I feel this way about clothes or makeup, so I’ll probably continue this post as a series. My goal is to eventually not even worry about how others will think I look in clothing and only be concerned with how think I look. Do you ever feel this way while shopping? Are there any fashion or beauty items that seem way too far out of your comfort zone? What have you done to step outside of that? I’d absolutely love to hear about your journeys with self-confidence!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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