Favorite Products for Curly Hair

Curly hair is both a blessing and a struggle. Some days you have beautiful, shiny ringlets. Other days you have something that resembles tangled waves on one side and a frizzy afro on the other. This is why it’s SO important for curly-haired girls to find the right products to help tame and calm our curls without flattening or undoing them! I’ve used quite a few different products since I started embracing my naturally curly hair 7 years ago, but now I’ve found some that I really like and have been using consistently. First, I’m going to tell you a bit about my hair. It’s long and the curls are more on the relaxed side, but sometimes I can get some good spirals. My hair is medium in thickness and it can get frizzy and dry very easily. So, if your hair is way different than mine, these products may not work the same for you. However, I’m no expert 🙂 IMG_1383 edited   This first product is one I’ve had the longest because I don’t use it very often. It’s a good product, but I’ve found other things that I like better. Sadly, I don’t believe Garnier Fructis is producing this anymore, but they do have some new products out that look amazing like this Curl Sculpting Cream Gel. IMG_1382 edited   I love using this gel when I need a little extra hold on my curls. I don’t use it everyday, but it’s great for when you need to keep that curly shape and it doesn’t make your hair hard or crunchy like some gel can. IMG_1385 edited   There seems to be a pattern developing here with the brand….what can I say? Garnier Fructis makes some great stuff! I’ve been using this for the longest time and I really love it! It has quite a few different uses which are listed on the back. The biggest use is before-heat application. IMG_1378 edited   Ah, a break in the pattern! This is by far the best mousse I’ve used. I think I even still have 2 extra bottles put away from when this stuff was on sale. This mousse does exactly what’s it’s supposed to do: give volume and definition. Plus it smells good! IMG_1380 edited   I have saved the best for last!! I don’t know why I waited this long to use Argan oil, but I finally gave into the hype and I am so thankful that I did! This oil helps with frizz, curl definition, softness, and shine. It makes my hair look better all around. Plus, the convenience of it being a spray nozzle is amazing. No more oily hands after application!   What are your favorite products for curly hair? Do you have any “holy grail” items that you can’t live without when it comes to curly hair care? I’d love to hear about what you use!

5 thoughts on “Favorite Products for Curly Hair

  1. Giiiirl, I can not live without the Garnier fructis gel! They used to make a beeswax based cream, too, that went with their “clean” line but they discontinued it. Thank goodness that gel is still made! xo


    • I never saw the beeswax cream! It seems like every so often they produce a whole line of new stuff. They have some products I’d love to try, but don’t exactly need at the moment. Lol


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