New Orleans Brief Summary, Cute Stuff, And A Challenge

Hello everyone! As I’m typing this, I’m also soaking my nails in acetone to remove gel polish. Oh the joys of multitasking. Anywho, I’m back from New Orleans! To be exact, I’ve been back since Saturday night around 8:30pm. After a week filled with long days that also seemed to fly by way too quickly, I’ve been pretty tired since returning. However, I have some down time now so I’m doing something productive, like writing this post!

First, I just want to say my trip was absolutely fantastic and life changing. I’ll give more details in a later post, but we went into an area heavy with hopelessness and filled it with love and joy. I’ve had mixed feelings about returning home. I honestly didn’t want to leave and now I have lots of ideas for similar things we can do in the neighborhood around my own church!

While I’ve been resting, I also did some online shopping at Ulta (yay for NYX sales) and this super cute site called Ban.Do. I found a planner for school and a notebook for blogging organization/ideas, plus matching necklaces for my best friend and I. I’m so excited for everything! You should totally check this stuff out.


Sticker book for my planner!
Sticker book for my planner!


supercute_heart_neck_blush_crop_grande supercute_neck_neon_crop_grande

The last thing I want to mention here is a challenge I’m going to be undertaking this month called “No Buy July.” It already sounds scary!! But no fear, there will be awesome group motivation provided by the lovely Beauty, East Cost Style blog! I’m already trying to save up and this challenge will definitely help. Plus, since its my birthday month, I can look forward to some extra things anyway!

Well, there’s your quick update before I get back into the swing of blogging! Thank for reading 🙂

*This is not a sponsored post, I’m just really excited about these products!

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