Wish List

Today is a very busy day for me with packing and laundry and finishing up last minute things on my to-do list. I leave tomorrow morning at 5:30am for New Orleans. Yay! While I’m preoccupied with how I’m going to fit all my clothes in my bag, I’m also thinking about my wardrobe and everything in it and everything I wish were in it! I’m sure none of you have ever felt that way about your overstuffed closets! 😉 Anyway, I’m going to take this opportunity to share some of the things I wish were in my closet because it never hurts to dream a little!

It may be a little warm for long sleeves now, but I’m always looking for cute, casual shirts that are perfect for my days on campus.
I’ve recently become obsessed with rompers, yet I still don’t own one! The print on this one is too cute.
I will admit, printed shorts like these are a bit daring for me! I usually go for simpler prints, but paired with a solid v-neck…I could totally wear these!
These are simple and dressy. Perfect for looking nice, but staying cool.
I’m definitely a skinny jean, vans type of gal. The loose casual shirt is perfect too! Not a fan of the belt, however.
Most of the time my earrings are simple, silver spheres. These are just too cute to pass up though! And the color is gorgeous.
I’m always willing to add stripes to my closet. This shirt is casual and comfy, my two favorites.

All pictures were taken from Pinterest and link back to original website.

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