Photo Project

I like to take a lot of photos. Sometimes, I even display them in my room if I like them enough! A few years ago, I got these lovely picture frames that you can stick on the wall–not vinyl frames, but actual, wooden frames. (I’ve looked and looked, but i can’t find anything similar online!) I put a few of my own photos in them. A few months ago though, I decided to upgrade some of the photos, got the pictures printed, and then forgot about doing the whole thing. You know how life is! However, today I actually sat down and got it done!

Here are the photos I chose to put in the frames:

Photos on the left and right were taken on a lovely, fall day hiking with my boyfriend
Here's what the frames look like.
Here’s what the frames look like.

As you can see, the teal frame needed a little love!

IMG_1136 IMG_1141

I cleaned this one up quite a bit and then decided to repaint it. The color I had was a bit darker than the original. It looks really bright in the sunlight, but the color is more muted indoors.

There! All better.

A couple hours later, I trimmed up the photos so they would fit a bit better. I needed some more space to put the sticky stuff on it. The adhesive that had come on the frames was long gone!



I wasn't too concerned with being precise since the I won't be able to see the back when they're hung up!
I wasn’t too concerned with being precise since the I won’t be able to see the edges when they’re hung up!

Once I cut some of the edges off, I put on the sticky blue stuff (the technical name is “reusable adhesive putty,” if you were wondering) and I hung them up!





I love how simple the frames are and how well they work in my room! Do you ever hang up your own artwork in your room? What kinds of decor do you like to put up?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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