Chevron Nail Tutorial

One of my favorite passtimes is doing my nails. I own tons of nail polish, various brushes, and different tools for creating nail art. However, I often get frustrated at my results because they never turn out as well as I would like them to! Tonight I attempted a gold and white chevron nail. It’s pretty easy to do with the right tools. Here’s what you need:

-Nail polish (any two colors plus a base/top coat)

-Tip guides or nail decals

Here’s the polish I used

Nail Aid base coat and Sally Hansen matte top coat
Sinful Colors
Sinful Colors “Supernova” and “Snow Me White”

The first thing to do when painting your nails is to cut and file them. Get rid of any hang nails, push back your cuticles, and buffer you nails if needed. Don’t forget to wash your hands–any oils or dirt on your nails will make it harder for the polish to stick (aka, lots of chips)! Next you’ll want to apply your base coat. The base coat I use can be found at Walmart. It’s a decent price (~$5) and works great.

Next, after the base coat has dried, apply your first color. Here’s mine:

Next, stick your nail decals on your nails after the polish has completely dried. No short cuts here. The stickers will pull up wet polish! Here’s what I used:

I used the ones on the far left. These are pretty cheap and easy to find on Amazon. Click the image to purchase these.

Here they are on my nails:

 It may take you a few tries to get them on just right. Don’t worry about it looking absolutely perfect! Once they’re on, paint your second color on over the stickers. Fill in any spots where the polish didn’t cover the first time. You may need a couple coats. When you’re done, peel off the stickers. I let the polish dry for just a minute before I take the stickers off, but not too long or the polish dries over it and you can’t get them off! You want the polish sticky, not wet. Using tweezers also make this easier. After the stickers are off and the polish has dried a bit more, apply a top coat to finish them off!

(I originally planned on making the white color matte with the top coat in the first picture, but changed my mind halfway through.)

And here they are!

They don’t look too bad!

As you can see, I cleaned them up a bit. Sometimes the polish can get really messy with the stickers, but it’s nothing nail polish remover and q-tips can’t fix! I’m pretty happy with the results, but I still want to get my spacing better and my lines cleaner. There’s always something new to learn in nail art!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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